New Releases in VR!

Check out my new VR short Spirit Realm, special thanks to James Raymond for the cerebral soundtrack:

I’m also so happy to showcase the realization of my undergrad dream, the Real Moves Locomotion VR system!!/content/71904

We’re currently working with about a dozen developers in integrating our movement system for upcoming releases – and we’re incredibly excited to see our movement system become a standard option for room-based VR movement!

Here is a cut and paste of info from a recent press release:

This movement system is our solution to free, fluid motion through room-scale VR space without the need for controllers.

Our system makes the player the joystick, based on body position relative to the play area, walk forward to move forward, step left to move left, take another step further in the desired direction and now you’re running in that direction, return to the center to come to a stop and walk freely.

This system is an ideal combo for the soon to be released VR gloves, allowing for full, fluid and intuitive movement while also freeing up the hands for VR gloves! The dream come true!

A few other exciting benefits:

– Because movement is initiated with body movement, motion sickness is vastly reduced! (Tested with motion-sickness sensitive test subjects and hours of constant play.)
– We’ve made the player a rigid body, which allows for rigid body physics responses applied to the player, walking up slopes, falling down off a ledge or being catapulted by a booby trap is now possible!
– Because the VR character moves through virtual space in the desired direction – there is no longer an incentive to step beyond the play area bounds!

We’re excited to see the first batch of games and projects currently in production with our first set of supporting developers. With recent improvements and updates to Real Moves (currently version 1.2) we’re excited to open up our developers’ pool to a wider audience to see what you think. We have big plans for Real Moves 2.0 which is currently in the works – your discoveries and feedback are invaluable to us as we design the next rendition of our locomotion system.

Thank you so much for your interest and support,

– Matthew Reed
Creator of Real Moves
Director @ Stereotropics Studios
Experimental Animation Faculty @ The California Institute of the Arts