Space Cats Underway!

SO pleased to see the progress with our short! :3

Space Cats Title

Cat Tower Majesty

Cat Neighborhood

Fang Conjures

Moose Chillin'

This website is part of our submission to the Nickelodeon Shorts Program! Myself and classmates Kyoung Joo Kim and Xi Chen have been developing this short in production as we speak!

Keep checking in for updates! 😀

Video Installation

IMG_9944IMG_9935IMG_9930 _MG_9926

Complete with strobe-LED “god helmet”, motion stereograms, spinning crop circles, interactive digital spray paint, a reverse time fountain and a video feedback chamber O_O

Concept, arduino programming and electrical done with the help of David Powers.

New Project Stills

Sun Room

Beginning Design for The HyperSpace Project. Combining Processing, Unity 3D and the NuroSky Brainwave Sensor to control the space.Flat Color WorldFlat Color HallAfter Image Zig Zags


Stills from upcoming: After-Image Over-Drive an Experimental Animation I’m working on which plays with the effects of lingering color patters known as “after-images” … more coming soon!